December 2021

May you all have a safe and wonderful festive holiday. Here's to a more productive 2022.

November 2021

A major talent has expressed interest in one of the Short Films being planned for next year, we hope that they agree to attach themselves to the work.

October 2021

The new project has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but we hope we can launch this early next year.

September 2021

Work is ongoing on an animated Short Film, we hope this will be ready in time for the festivals next year.

August 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to postpone filming until 2022 as we cannot guarantee safety for everyone no matter what procedures we could look to put in place.

July 2021

An exciting new project has begun, we hope we can reveal this to you before Christmas.

June 2021

Now aiming to film a second Short film this year to help pick up speed. Also more vital than ever to support crew and cast while helping to promote some of the best in the business.

May 2021

Our planned celebrity voiced podcast has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, however we hope to get things moving next month.

April 2021

Funding for our next Short film continues. We are committed to ensuring all cast and crew are fully paid - 'mates rates' are not viable after a year of pandemic.

March 2021

The new podcast recordings are being scheduled with an amazing celebrity. We are very excited with this new venture. More details to follow soon.

February 2021

We have finally found an animator to work with on a series of Short films. Watch this space over the coming year.

January 2021

Happy New Year and we hope you are all safe and well. Let's hope we can all get back to creating this year.

December 2020

Monsoon Jackson has again been selected to feature on BBC Upload. Nice way to round off what has been a challenging year for everyone.

Wishing everyone a safe and festive (far as we can) season. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. Here's to 2021.

November 2020

The new podcast is nearly ready for recording in 2021. We have an amazing celebrity lined up for this and cannot wait for you to enjoy.

October 2020

Unfortunately, another development opportunity has fallen through - but hardly surprising given what this year has been. Onwards and upwards. On the upside Monsoon Jackson featured on BBC Upload and has seen another surge in downloads.

September 2020

Our Short Film 'InSpite' has been officially selected for the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival. We are also developing another Podcast along with aiming to produce two animated Shorts early next year.

Lift-off Global Network Official Selection - Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2020

August 2020

Our Short Film 'InSpite' has been officially selected for the Lift Off Network at Pinewood Studios. Also, one of our scripts has reached the Stage32 Quarter Finals.

July 2020


We have decided to leave #Facebook. We do not believe this social media platform is doing enough to support others and the truth. You can still get in touch on #Twitter and via email of course.

June 2020


May 2020

Our @MonsoonJackson #podcast Series 2 is receiving great reviews. Involving such amazing people as Reginald D Hunter, Wheatus and Dirk Maggs.

April 2020

Monsoon Jackson, Series 2 launches. This series features amazing guest vocal talents and we are honoured they gave their time to this project. Thank you.

March 2020

Obviously filming plans are on hold but other options are being looked into. We hope everyone, who can, is staying indoors and keeping well.

February 2020

Monsoon Jackson is in the edit and In-Spite has been submitted to a number of festivals. Updates later this year.

January 2020

After some unplanned delays, Monsoon Jackson Series 2 is being recorded. Hopefully to be out in February for you to enjoy.

December 2019

Planning for the next film Short has begun. A more ambitious work but will be bringing a Screencraft Finalist script to life.

November 2019

Work has started on redrafting feature length scripts with a view to the 2020 Competition cycle.

October 2019

Big River are going from strength to strength. Check out the next gigs or even buy their CD and support live, independent, music.

September 2019

InSpite is now locked but will be entering the 2020 Festival season so, to comply with the rules, cannot be released. Sorry.

August 2019

Next Short is in the final edit. Will be released on Vimeo. Link to follow.

July 2019

The writing of Monsoon Jackson Series 2 is nearly over, then into the studio to record and hopefully out by October.

June 2019

The next film Short is reaching the end of editing. It has evolved since filming took place last year and will, we hope, be well received.

May 2019

Series 2 of our podcast Monsoon Jackson is in progress with the aim to record towards the end of this year. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide their kind and positive feedback of Series 1 (and some who are demanding Series 2 is out sooner!)

April 2019

Sadly the animation Short has faltered. This happens. We are finding alternative resources and hope to get it made by the Summer.

March 2019

New contacts made and hopefully some exciting developments to happen but, as always, it is a slow and winding road.

BAFTA Awards Stage

February 2019

Attended the BAFTA Awards this year to watch, in next few years want to be there as a nominee.

January 2019

Monsoon Jackson has received some incredible reviews for which we are very thankful. If you enjoyed it, please give us a 5 Star. In other exciting news we are now managing a hugely talented band (Big River, see Produced Work for details) who have big things ahead of them.

December 2018

Our new podcast Monsoon Jackson (see this site or for details) is receiving some wonderful reviews. Next year our new animated Short and Horror Short will be out. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and have a restful, festive holiday.

November 2018

Our new project, the Monsoon Jackson podcast launches on 21st this month and we hope it will be well received.

October 2018

Our latest live Short is entering the editing phase, with our animated Short hopefully to go into production in December.

September 2018

Filming this month, exciting times. Unfortunately, the release of the next Short has been pushed back to December though the Podcast remains on schedule.

August 2018

Filming due next month and all the usual last minute fun has kicked in. Changes in crew, actors and location. But everyone has been incredibly supportive so it will happen. We hope you will enjoy the result.

July 2018

Our new podcast series has finished recording. We hope to launch this in October. Next month should see the release of our latest Short, so stay tuned.

June 2018

Recording of our first podcast starts next month. We are also moving closer to completing our first animated short.

May 2018

Michelle is now managing a band. We are working on a music video to compliment this latest step in working with creatives.

April 2018

Sunday Morning has, so far, been accepted into 1 of the 4 entered festivals. Work has started on an animated short. We are meeting with the VO artist for our new podcast and the crew are confirmed for the live short being filmed later this year.

March 2018

Catch up with Michelle's radio show 'The Duncan Disorderly Show'. Live every Friday at 8pm to 10pm. Featuring a range of conversation, music and talented artists. Why wouldn't you listen?

February 2018

One of our Short Film scripts has reached the Screencraft Fall 2017 Film Fund Semi-Finals.

Screencraft Fall 2017 Film Fund Semi-Finals

January 2018

We are back on the ABH Podcast talking about our new podcast being recorded soon. We are also planning to create two brand new shorts this year.
And there are more surprises in store. Keep in touch.

December 2017

Our well reviewed short entitled "The Interview" has been entered into the @screencrafting Film Fund. In addition, "Sunday Morning" has been entered into Raindance Film Festival 2018 and the Toronto International Short Film Festival 2018. Watch this space for developments.

November 2017

We are truly humbled & honoured that the wonderful @nicholas_vince is the first to leave an IMDb review for the Short 'Sunday Morning'.

October 2017

'Sunday Morning' had a private screening. It was a resounding success followed by a Q&A session with the invited guests. Favourite quote of the evening about the film was "freaky as f**k".

We are on the fantastic Anywhere But Here Podcast (@abhpod) talking about 'Sunday Morning'. Have a listen here!

We are pleased to announce that Sunday Morning has been selected to screen at the London International Short Film Festival 2017.

London International Short Film Festival 2017

September 2017

Following attendance at the Screenwriter's Festival, London - two film companies have expressed interest in our work. Exciting times.

August 2017

Michelle and Ande talk on the radio - From an Idea to IMDb

July 2017

Our first short, Sunday Morning, is now available! Click here to watch.