About Us

Home of Creative

At Leitmotif Productions we are committed to developing Film, Stage and Television scripts.

The two wonderfully talented Directors, Ande and Michelle, work in partnership and on individual projects to create original and genre spanning screenplays (and yes, we know, not all of you will like it – but we must be brave and try).

We have experience of working behind and in front of live sets and stage so have a decent understanding of the mechanics which, we believe, helps us deliver better work.

The support of fellow writers, crew and stage is fundamental to our ethos as Home of Creative.

Over time our company will evolve to help support and develop others similarly committed to the Industry. The first step is our Community section to help anyone promote their work, talent and skills.

To broaden our offerings we have started work on the filming some of our scripts which will be hosted on this site. These will be free to view.

In case you're still thinking, wait there's a catch, there's always a catch. There really isn't. Take a look for instance at the Royalty Free music we offer to anyone who wants to use it.

We welcome all enquiries from the Media and are happy to discuss our projects, development and support of the Industry community.

We also welcome, indeed actively encourage, large suitcases of cash for our words from wise, good looking and clever Directors.